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After Palworld went viral as the monster taming survival game, it quickly gained its name as the Pokémon game that everyone wanted but never got and Pokémon with guns. It also got some criticism because of being too similar to a Pokémon game. This criticism was also followed by a couple of lawsuits and copyright claims from Nintendo but it happened only after its big success. So, in this article we will be discussing the similar and dissimilar aspects between Pokemon and Palworld.





Firstly, let’s talk about the gameplay. From the huge collection of games in the Pokemon franchise where they do not fall under a specific category, comparing the gameplay is tough. So, we will be comparing Palworld with the latest Pokemon game Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. In this case, they are both open world games. They both feature vast open world maps with lots of interesting locations where the players can encounter dangerous Pokémon or pals waiting to give them a surprise. One important difference that is to be noted is that, in the Pokemon game we are comparing with, it does not allow players to swim in the water with their character and the only way to travel on water is by capturing a water pokemon that you can ride. But here, Palworld allows players to swim both with their character and using the pal they capture. Another core gameplay feature of Palworld is its crafting system. As a survival game, Palworld features a great crafting system with progression based unlocking system for the things you want to craft. Because of this crafting system players have to keep their resources in check and always keep on collecting them. But this crafting system does not appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Palworld also has some survival elements like hunger, cold and dangerous nights which are also not present in Pokemon games. The survival elements that are present in Palworld is what differentiates Palworld as a monster tamer game like Pokemon. Palworld also has various kinds of weapons and tools that can be used for capturing the pals and other purposes. Unlike Pokemon games, Palworld does not have any evolution system for their pals where after reaching a certain level they will transform. Instead it features a breeding system where you can breed two pals together to make a stronger pal or even a new pal. So, in terms of gameplay, Pokemon and Palworld are two completely different games.


Concepts and Design:

Concepts and design of the pal in Palworld is what got the most criticism for being too similar with the Pokemon. The pals in the Palworld are also divided into elemental types with their own strengths and weaknesses. Although the elemental division of pals is not as complex as the categories in Pokemon, it is still somewhat resembling. One thing is for sure, the idea of capturing pals using a pal sphere is way too similar to capturing Pokémon using poke balls. On top of that, a lot of pals in Palworld looks very similar to their Pokemon counterparts. Here is a list of pals with their Pokémon counterparts in a side by side comparison.

⦁ Fenglope and Cobalion



⦁ Direhowl and Lycanroc


⦁ Cremis and Eevee


⦁ Anubis and Lucario


⦁ Lamball and Wooloo


⦁ Astegon and Mega Aggron


As you can see all of these pals look very similar to their Pokémon version with some design changes and recoloring. This is why, Palworld has been getting a lot of harsh criticism for stealing ideas from Pokémon.


Platform and Players:

Pokemon since its very first game has always been a Nintendo game with a big fan base which got bigger after it started releasing titles for mobile. Pokemon GO became a worldwide sensation very quickly and got everyone roaming around in the city trying to capture Pokemon, the augmented reality game. Even after all of the success PC players did not get the chance to play those games. In this big vacancy and players desire to get a monster taming game like Pokemon on PC, Palworld quickly found its place. With the big demand of monster taming games and being packed with good survival elements and crafting systems Palworld went viral among PC players and became the Pokemon game that the franchise couldn’t deliver. The overwhelming amount of positive feedback speaks for itself and how good the game is in contrast to the mediocre recent releases of the Pokemon games.

In spite of all the hate and accusations surrounding Palworld for copying Pokemon, it is still pretty apparent that even though it does have some similarities with Pokemon but in its core gameplay, features and design differs vastly from Pokemon. With that being said I hope you enjoyed the comparison between Palworld and Pokemon and check out GGbro for more exciting news and guides. Happy Gaming!

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