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TOP 10 Best Roblox Games in 2024

This is the TOP 10 Best Roblox Games in 2024. All the games are really good. You will love to play…

10. Easy Obby:


Easy Obby is a vibrant colorful obstacle course game whose main purpose is to give you a visually pleasing and satisfying parkour experience which is the opposite of the usual obstacle course game made to give you a hard time.

9. Slap battles:


As the name suggests, this is indeed a game about slapping people. In this game you will be dropped into an arena with multiple players to fight against others in a slap battle using the hands that you can choose from a variety of options. This simple game is surprisingly engaging and fun to play.

8. Murder Mystery 2:


Murder Mystery 2 a thrilling game where you have to survive against a killer chasing you while a sheriff tries to figure out who the killer is and kill him. It is a game with many fun chases and mental games full of manipulations as the killer chases everyone to kill while trying to deceive and stay hidden from the sheriff.

7. Blade Ball:


Blade Ball is a test of survival against a deadly ball that keeps chasing you with gradually increasing speed and agility as the time goes on. The only things you will get to survive against this ball is a sword and the terrain. It is a survival game that is fast, thrilling and bound to keep your eyes peeled for a ball chasing to kill you.

6. Piggy:


An excellent horror game that is bound to keep you on your toes as you try to escape from a building or a level by looking for clues scattered around the map while being chased by a killer pig. This simple gameplay formula with creative level design makes for a thrilling horror escape room experience.

5.Anime Adventures:


Imagine a game where you get to play as your favorite anime characters with all of their powers in glory and fight against other powerful characters from other anime to find out who is the strongest among all anime characters. That is exactly what Anime Adventure is all about. A fighting game between anime characters with all of their power that is sure to make you want to test your favorite anime characters in battles against others.

4. Tower of Hell:


The popular platformer of Roblox, Tower of Hell, which is known for its cleverly designed levels and good gameplay mechanics and huge library of community built obstacle courses is still one the best obstacle course games you can play in 2024.

3. Adopt Me! :


Adopt Me is the most famous game among all the other pet simulators available in the Roblox platform. Its wide variety of pets and the interactions you can have with them makes this so engaging and fun. It also allows players to share and exchange pets with each with a goal to make their favorite pet collection.

2. Brookhaven RP:


The biggest RPG game in roblox still holding up strong in 2024, years after its release. It is a role playing game that is quite similar to the GTA roleplay where you take on different occupations of the society and fill your role as a part of an active society that has been customized by the players on the servers. It’s simple yet very customizable gameplay is what makes this game so fun and enjoyable which is apparent by the player count.

1. Blox Fruits:


The famous RPG story based game Blox Fruits where you are dropped in an island as a character of one of the four races, to climb you ranks as you take on progressively difficult enemies but with a twist of Fruits that gives you special power that comes with cost of taking damage from the sea, is still played by many in spite of the long grind hours and difficult level progressions.

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