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Helldivers 2 All New Features and Release Date

Helldivers 2 is a third-person action shooter set in a dystopian universe where you will be fighting against hostile aliens in a distant galaxy for the sake of humanity. After the success of its predecessor, Helldivers 2 hopes to take a new turn from its previous game and bring something new to the table. While possessing all the elements that made its previous game a success it also added new features like turning into a third-person shooter, giving a broader arsenal for players to choose from and more customizability. Now let’s dive a bit deeper into what to expect from this game.


The biggest change in Helldivers 2 from its previous game has to be the change in perspective. Previously, the game was played from a bird’s eye view perspective which gave it an Arcady feel. But now, as the game is in third person perspective it makes the game way more immersive than before and this change alone makes it a totally different game than what it was. Even though the main objectives of the games are very similar, the change in perspective took it to a whole another level. The fights are now more intense, more action and more thrilling. Being closer to the character you are playing and seeing the size and scale of the enemies compared to yours really gives you that extra boost of adrenaline.

On top of that, the new Helldivers 2 provides players with more options and a bigger arsenal to match their playstyle. Whether you like a more action-packed explosive approach or a more cautious and stealthy approach to do a mission, the game will provide you with equipment and abilities that complement your style. For being in third person, the guns that players will be using will also become more than just their stats. From the 10 minutes of gameplay demo that we got to see, the guns in this game feels very punchy and impactful and also well balanced with good sound design and model design. There is also enough diversity in weapon choices that you won’t feel bored from using the same weapon again and again. Both your weapons and armor can be upgraded using the currency you will earn from doing your mission and doing bonus tasks.


The enemies in this game are a whole story by themselves. As you will be spending most of your time in combat, the large number of diverse enemies ranging from big swarms of flying aliens to huge behemoths and even robots and other human factions will keep the battles fresh and exciting. This variety in enemies will constantly force you to adapt to each situation differently and figure out what works best against which enemies. You will also be fighting on different planets that you will be choosing based on your preference and what your superiors deem to be the best choice. Each planet has their own unique ecosystem and terrain and also unique enemies which makes each mission different in its own way.


Helldivers 2 will also support cross play where players from different platforms can play together seamlessly and without any hassle. As a co-op game to play with your friends, Helldivers 2 is an excellent choice. It allows players with different playstyles to team up and strategize together when doing a mission. They can use their own strengths while compensating for other’s weaknesses to make a strong team that will protect humanity against hostile aliens and enemy factions. Even though this game can be played solo, playing with friends gives a totally different experience which is highly recommended and you can also join different servers to play with random players and make friends along the way.

As the Helldivers 2 takes the whole franchise towards a new direction of a third person action shooters, it sure has become a game that’s been on a lot of player’s radar who are ready to dive into distant galaxies to fight off hordes of alien with their friends in action-packed and adrenaline-inducing missions. So, if this seems right up your alley do check out Helldivers 2 coming out on February 8, 2024 PS5 and PC. Happy Gaming!

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    February 3, 2024


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