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New Inter Miami 2023/2024 Season Kits and Logo in DLS 24

Hello, Inter Miami fans are you ready to experience Dream League Soccer 2024 with the new Inter Miami 2023/2024 season kits? We are creating for you DLS 24 Inter Miami kits and a logo. So you can easily integrate your favorite team kits into DLS 24.

Home Kit


Check out the Inter Miami home kit. It’s a beauty and out in the team iconic Pink. It makes a bold statement. Also, this kit is made more attractive with eye-catching lines and features the logo of GGbro.io . Wear this kit in the game for those exciting home matches and feel the Miami Freedom Park!

Away Kit


Now take a look at the Inter Miami away kit. It’s beautifully design and giving a stylish vibe. Just like the DLS 24 Inter Miami home kit. The away kit is design with rare lines and stand out on the pitch. This one is perfect for you if you want to shine your team.

Goalkeeper Home Kit


Goalkeeper we haven’t forgotten you. The Inter Miami GK home kit is simply awesome. It’s yellow color and pattern with unique desing. It’s ensuring GK stand out as the last line of defense.

Inter Miami Logo


And don’t miss out the Inter Miami Logo in Dream League Soccer 2024. The Logo is made with different colors and features the club name with two white herons. This is perfect for adding the official touch on your team looks. Easy Installation Guide:

  1. Open your DLS 24 game.
  2. Click on the My Club option at the bottom right corner.
  3. Select Customize.
  4. Navigate to the Kit and Logo section.
  5. Copy the Kit or Logo link as shown in this post on ggbro.
  6. Click on Custom Kit or Logo, paste it into the box, and then save.
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