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PalWorld Best Guide For Beginner!

Palworld is an open-world multiplayer survival game where you play to collect pals, fictional animals that live on an island and survive hostile elements like the harsh environment, hostile pals and even other humans. Palworld was released back on January 19th, 2024 as an early access and because of its Pokemon-esque pals with a lot of similar elements, it quickly gained a lot of active players. Since then, Palworld has gone viral in the gaming world with many Twitch streamers and content creators playing and attracting more and more people to the game. So, if you want to try the game out for yourself this article will give you all the information and tactics you need to make you prepared to tackle the daunting and hostile world of Palworld. 


As an open world survival game, starting out in Palworld might feel a bit overwhelming and confusing because of all the tasks and resources you have to manage especially if you are new to the genre of open world survival games. Doing the correct things when you are starting out is quite important as it will dictate how smoothly the rest of your game will go. There are three main things that you have to worry about, your character, your base and lastly your pals. These three things are the main components that dictate your performance in the game and this guide has been divided into different sections with each section helping you to upgrade those three main things and additional tips to make the whole process go a lot faster.


Items crafting


Crafting is a very important part of Palworld and knowing what to craft first in the early stages of the game will make a good difference in your progress. At the very beginning you will be dropped into the world with nothing in your inventory and the first thing you will be able to do is build a primitive workbench. So when you gather enough woods to build a primitive workbench you build it somewhere that has a lot of woods and stones around it with a lot of open space where you can expand your base so keep that in mind when you decide where to start building your base. As you play the game completing tutorial and building base, you will gain technology points to unlock different items to craft in the technology screen so you should unlock the essentials first which will be discussed further in the article.

So, after you build the primitive workbench you should craft the stone pickaxe and stone axe as it will make the whole process of gathering materials a lot faster and it will also do more damage to pals than your fist so collecting them will also get easier. Even though both the stone axe and the stone pickaxe will perform similarly but mining the rocks with the pickaxe will sometimes drop palladium fragments which are needed to build pal spheres. After you have completed all of these tasks your character will level up and you will be able to unlock more items to craft in the technology screen. There you will see that, now you can craft a pal sphere that you can use to capture pals so you should quickly craft that so that you can capture pals that you can use them to help you in building your base and other tasks. After you craft your pal sphere and you are ready to capture some pals, you will need a bow and arrows as the pals will run away when you will attack them and with a bow you do not have to chase them around to damage them enough to capture them which makes it a lot easier.


After that you should start gathering resources to start building your house using floors, windows and a roof which will be unlocked in the technology screen as you play and the reason you should start building your house as soon as possible is because you need a house with a roof on top to craft a bed that will help you skip the night time so that you do not have to wait out the whole night to play and it will also heal your character. After you start the game the night will come pretty soon after a while and venturing outside during the night can be dangerous. That is why you should work towards crafting a bed so that you do not have to spend the night waiting to end and just go to sleep and wake up in the morning all healed and rested. But your base is not quite complete yet. In order to claim it as your base and claim the area around you as your own you need to build a Palbox preferably near your house and with that your base will be complete.

Palbox as the name suggests is where you will store all your pals which you are not carrying with you in your party. The Palbox will also give you some missions to complete which will give you enough points to upgrade your base which will allow you to deploy more pals in your base to help you with your crafting, gathering and mining. After you have crafted your Palbox and claimed your base you can spawn your pals from the Palbox in base which you can use to craft, gather or defend your base. As your pals start working and gathering resources for you in the base you should give them a storage space where they can drop their gathered resources and that’s where the wooden chest will come in handy. So, craft your wooden chest in your house so that you pals can store the collected resources in it.


You can also use the wooden chest for yourself to drop the extra stuff you are carrying with you. As your pals workaround in your base, they will eventually get tired and stressed. That is why you need to craft a straw pal bed where they can rest and regain their energy and just like you, your pals also need food to survive but when you will be away from your base you won’t be able to feed you pals so you need to build a pal feed box where they can eat and all you have to do is put food in it. By now as you were working around and gathering materials and capturing pals for your base so your items have taken quite a lot of damage as you’ve used them. So, in order to use them again you will need a repair bench to repair your items. Now you have a functional base but before you venture out in the world exploring new areas and facing new enemies, you will need one important item to survive, that is, a shield. You can craft your shield in the workbench which will give you extra shield points on top of your health points which can also regenerate giving you more survivability out in the wild. With that you are ready to take on the hostile Palworld capturing more pal, fighting enemies and exploring unknown territories.

Pals to capture


When you are just starting out and just unlocked the pal sphere to capture pals you might be wondering what you should capture first. So, when you are just starting out you should capture two pals, one is Cattiva and another is Lamball. You will find these pals roaming around where you started and they are not that strong and aggressive so capturing them will be very easy. You should capture Cattiva in the early stages of the game because they will come in handy when it comes to helping you to build your base. Another perk that Cattiva has that is very useful is when you have Cattiva in your party meaning you are carrying it with you, it will increase the max carrying capacity of your character which is really useful in the early stages as you will run out of capacity when collecting resources pretty fast.

Cattiva can also be used to defend your base and attack other pals when you are trying to capture them. So, collect as many Cattivas with you as you can and keep them in your party. Lamball is also very useful in the early stages of the game as they can help you with crafting which will speed things up and you can even leave them to craft something and they will do it. They can also gather food for you and will drop wool when put in a ranch that you can use to make clothes and armour. Until you build a functional base and get ready to venture outside all you will need is a lot of Cattivas to build, mine, gather and to use to capture more pals and a few Lamballs. With these two pals you will get all the support you will need till you have completed your base and ready to venture out in the wild.

Character stats 


As you level up your character stats will improve with it and you will also get stat points that you can then use to upgrade different stats to suit your needs and playstyle. Your character has six stats defining your character, Health point, Stamina, Attack, Defense, Work Speed and Weight. First four stats are self-explanatory and among the last two work speed determines the time you will need to craft some or build something and weight determines how much weight you will be able to carry by yourself. Different materials weigh differently so you need to adjust your inventory according to that. You can use the stats points that you will get by levelling up to increase any of these six stats.

As this is a survival game you might think that spending all your stat points in HP (health points) and attack would be the best choice but you would be wrong. In the early stages of the game when you will be working towards building your base your first priority will be collecting materials for crafting and you will soon realise how fast your capacity gets taken up by the resources. That is why, you should spend all your stat points in improving your carrying capacity in the early stages of the game or at least till you finish building your base. If you want you can also spend a few points in improving your stamina as you will have to roam around a lot while collecting resources for your base and capturing pals but first recommendation will be carrying capacity. Even though you will be working a lot and crafting a lot of items you do not have to improve your working speed as it is quite fast by default and you will get more work done by your pals so you will never need to upgrade your working speed. 

Levelling up fast

Leveling up in this will provide you with the technology points to unlock different items to craft and build your base and other equipment and also stat points to upgrade different stats of your character. At the beginning, you will level up pretty quickly just by completing the tutorial. But as you progress further, you will need more experience to level up your character. Here are three easy ways you can farm experience no matter in which stage you are playing the game:

  1. Capturing a new pal.
  2. Capturing 10 pals of the same species.
  3. Completing Palbox missions to upgrade your base.

You will be able to farm experience a lot quickly using these strategies no matter how far you are into the game. 

Hopefully, this article was able to give you good information and arm you with the knowledge to tackle the world of Palworld and become a Pal master. Happy GGbro Gaming!😊


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