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The second version of the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for release. Six years have passed since the original Switch came out, and two years have passed since the launch of the OLED model. The steady flood of rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 fuels fans’ excitement for a new platform, and their eagerness is an understatement. We expect significant improvements in power and an OLED display as standard. With that in mind, here’s what we have heard about the Nintendo Switch 2 and what we want to see. It will also be able to output in 4K, so it can match with the best TVs.

Release Date:

Nintendo has yet to announce the next-generation Switch officially, but reports suggest a late 2024 release date, roughly seven and a half years after the original.

A September 2024 release date for the Switch 2 was revealed in an official press release from GameShark’s most recent engagement; however, it is unlikely to be accurate.

How much will it cost?

It remains to be seen whether the next Nintendo console will launch with a single SKU or multiple editions at different price points, as the Switch 2 has yet to be announced. However, one analyst recently predicted that the Switch 2 will cost $400, with top-tier games selling for $70.

How will the Nintendo Switch look like?

The Nintendo Switch 2 may be the answer to the growing demand for a more powerful Switch or console. However, there is currently limited hard-and-fast information available due to Nintendo’s notorious secrecy about its development.

What features will the Nintendo Switch 2 have?

There is very little information about the Nintendo Switch 2’s features, but we can make some educated guesses.

Nintendo has a history of dramatically changing console designs, but with the Switch being the third-best-selling console of all time, they may remain with the original Switch design. If reports are true that the Switch 2 will have a larger 8-inch screen, we hope the Joy-Con design is more ergonomic for extended handheld use.

You are sure that Nintendo’s tried-and-true franchises like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, and many others will be in the mix soon, and there are already whispers of additional famous games coming to the Switch 2.

According to reports, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake “looks and runs” like a PS5 game on the Switch 2. This 2020 game could be a showcase of the device’s power at launch and is a game the current Switch could not handle. Additionally, a leaker named Nash Weedle suggests that the Bayonetta Trilogy is coming to Switch 2. This collection would bundle the three mainline Bayonetta games and upgrade them with enhanced visuals.

The current battery life estimate for both the original Switch and the Switch OLED is 4.5 to 9 hours. For more demanding games, like Breath of the Wild, it is often a stretch to reach 4.5 hours on a single charge, even when the display brightness is completely lowered. With more powerful internals, we expect a larger battery, but hopefully, the battery is large enough to increase the current estimated battery life.

A leaker and independent journalist going by the handle “Necro” Felipe Lima claimed in September 2023 that the as-yet-unannounced Far Cry 7, the rumored next installment in Ubisoft’s popular open-world shooter series, will release on the Switch successor at the same time as other platforms. Insider Gaming pegged the Far Cry 7 release for fall 2025, so it may be after the Switch 2 is already released. The same leaker also claimed that Nintendo’s EPD Tokyo studio is working on a new Donkey Kong game that is slated for the company’s next console.

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