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FC Mobile is one of the best games in the world. Starting FC Mobile can be quite difficult and time-consuming. That’s why save your time and effort in learning to play EA SPORTS FC MOBILE 24. We have put together the ideal beginner’s guide and tips for you. Let’s start…

Learn to Shoot

When starting EA SPORTS FC MOBILE for the first time, you will not be taken directly to the matches; instead, you will be instructed in shooting. You will learn how to dribble and shoot here, as well as how to shoot the goal perfectly so that your team wins and earns 30x XP. This section functions more like a tutorial to help you become familiar with the gameplay.

After you complete these lessons, you will be able to play the game.

Upgrade your players and increase your OVR ratings:

To improve your efficiency and performance in this game, you must increase the players’ attributes and OVR. A mechanism in FC MOBILE is called “scoring opportunity.” These opportunities determine the probability of your players scoring a goal. This is viable in all game types, but more so in Ranked matches and VS Attack mode. The number of scoring opportunities you obtain is one of the elements that affect whether you win or lose a match.

Let’s have a look at some methods one by one now.

1. Ranking up the players: First, ranking up is an essential part of this game. Each player has a rank, and as that rank rises, they gain a skill point and can increase their OVR by 1. Additionally, your player can increase the maximum training level to five. This essentially means that if a player is ranked up five times, their OVR will upgrade from 88 to 93. Your team’s OVR will also increase as a result of your players’ OVR advancement. A team with a high OVR level opens up new opportunities for scoring in FC MOBILE matches.

2. Using Skill Points: The next step is skill point use. This is another excellent way to level up players in FC MOBILE skill points may be used to improve players various traits and personalize them. Every rank-up you do with your players will grant you skill points, which you can use for attributes that you deem important or not. It should be noted that every position in the game is associated with both normal and advanced skills. Once you have used a skill point for a skill, it will raise your level; in the end, you will raise the level of normal skills by three while the level of advanced skills will rise by one.

3. Training the players: Training enables your players to reach their maximum training level; for example, if you manage to rank your player to level 5, you will have unlocked five more training levels. Training increases your players’ shooting accuracy; in comparison to untrained players, trained players can shoot more accurately, which leads to more points; additionally, training increases their running speed.

One other special way to increase your team’s OVR is to simply replace the players on your team with the lowest OVR with new players who have higher and better stats. This is easier said than done, though, because upgrading will make it more expensive to advance in the rankings, and playing cards can be expensive.Use the Market in EA SPORTS FC MOBILE:

The market is a great place to obtain ranked players along with their all-skill points; it does not matter how they have been used in the past in the FC MOBILE because you can use them by distributing their skill points exactly how you want them. If you want to strengthen your team, you better make use of the market. The players with the highest ranks can be sold on the market, with prices set according to their rank.

Compiled “Daily Quests and Challenges” regularly:

To give your team more strength and performance in the FC MOBILE matches, you must complete Daily Quests and play all of the Daily Challenges. These are the ideal ways to get more scouting points, and you will also be rewarded with coins by playing them. You will be able to access more and more points and coins by playing more daily challenges, which is a guarantee. This means that you will have the opportunity to perform at your best and shine brightest, so do not pass up this opportunity.

Participate in the seasonal Live events:

Play FC MOBILE events if you want to get some special gifts that will boost your gaming experience. The game will manage events regularly, and when you reach their milestones, you can get additional benefits in the form of exclusive gifts.

Explore the Division Rivels and Manager Mode:

To continue to level up in this game, you should play more in the Division Rivels and Manager Mode, which essentially lets you gain more XP than normal. Additionally, there are PVP-based head-to-head matches available.

Understand the player’s Personal Traits:

Any player’s Personal Traits can be found by going to their profile page. When building a team, it is important to know what these players are most comfortable and effective at. The player page contains several types of information, including date of birth, height, skill distribution, and preferred position on the field. It also contains a wealth of other information, like strengths and weaknesses. Getting a clear understanding of each player’s advantages and disadvantages can help you build a winning team.

Improve Shooting, Stopping, and Passing:

It can be important to make quick decisions to score goals, but FC MOBILE is more of an RPG than a skill-based game in that, even with perfect execution, your players may still miss passes and shots if their stats are not high enough. Knowing when to shoot, when to pass, and when to stop and gain possession of the ball before doing either will be important for your success.

In most cases, you should try to move a little more slowly, especially if you are just starting out and your players are still learning. This means that you should stop the ball before passing and try to take shots from a straight angle or from a resting position, rather than just spamming passes and shots before your players have the ball in their possession, which can seriously impair your accuracy and success.

Use the right tactics and formation:

FC MOBILE provides many different kinds of formations and tactics, each with advantages and disadvantages. Some formations are more designed toward attack, while others are more defensive. Some tactics emphasize passing and possession, while others point out counterattacks and fast transitions. You should experiment with various formations to see what works best for your team to choose the ideal formation and tactics.

If you need more tips and tricks, you can check the Gaming Gangs HD YouTube channel, the leading FC MOBILE content creator.

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