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An open-world pirate game focusing on realistic naval battles and player-versus-player ship skirmishes.

Release Date:

Skull and Bones is set to be released for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC on February 16, 2024.

The main features of Skull and Bones include:

1. Take part in exciting naval combat and equip a multitude of incredible weapons as you risk all while taking home the largest bounty.

2. Explore the lawless waters by yourself or join forces with two friends or other gamers to take part in cooperative contracts and rewards.

3. As you explore a large open environment, you will come across deadly fauna, rogue seas, unpredictable weather,
and cunning pirate hunters.

4. At launch, you can craft and sail up to ten distinct ships, each with its own set of benefits to match your 

specific playstyle.

5. Grow your visibility, gain access to resources and opportunities to secure riskier contracts and enhance

your equipment.


In Skull and Bones, players will collaborate and strive to become the best pirate around. The game includes high-stakes naval conflicts between loot-hunting pirates. The game features numerous types of ships, such as the durable frigate, the powerful-up-close-because-it-has-a-battery-ram brigantine, and the long-ranged sloop of war. Players can approach and board their rivals’ ships, but they have to avoid the virtually invincible pirate hunters, who will target pirates with the most loot.


The game is set in fictitious late 17th-century setting, during the height of the real Golden Age of Piracy and focuses on piracy and maritime warfare.

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